Roadtesting Happiness

Roadtesting Happiness


About the Book

We are constantly being told that happiness should be our goal, and how we can achieve it. But does the advice of happiness 'experts' really work? Sophie Scott, the ABC's award winning medical reporter, gets inside the ideas of leading happiness experts, including Buddhist monk Mathieu Ricard (the 'world's happiest man'), psychologist Dr Tim Sharp (aka 'Dr Happy') from the Happiness Institute, and Assistant Professor Alice Domar from the Harvard Medical School, to discover the best ways to achieve and maintain happiness. Then she tries it all out.

Using each approach suggested by the experts, she 'roadtests' her way from depression to happiness, sampling techniques such as cognitive behaviour therapy; meditation, mindfulness and spirituality; acceptance and gratitude; altruism and volunteering; food choices and exercise. If you want to become happier than you are right now and stay that way, here are the tools - and shortcuts - to make it happen.

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