Live a Longer Life

Live a Longer Life


About the Book

What is it that makes some people seem so youthful? What gives someone in their sixties or their nineties their energy and zest for life? Live a Longer Life will tell you the secrets.

Drawing on the most up-to-date and respected research, ABC medical reporter Sophie Scott has written the self-help book for every adult. Whether you are older and want to know how you can keep - or regain -your sense of wellbeing and vigour, or someone who wants to be as healthy as possible for as long as possible, this book is for you. It covers everything from nutrition, dietary supplements and exercise to brain health and exercises (to keep dementia at bay!), the importance of a healthy sex life, and anti-ageing products.

With case studies, recipes, menus and exercise regimes, Live a Longer Life will help to keep your real age a secret. 

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