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Can you use happiness habits to help you lose weight?

Many of us put off happiness. I’ll be happy when I have a new job or when I lose weight. Dr Timothy Sharp from the Happiness Institute is challenging people to stop putting off happiness, to jump off the ‘hedonistic’ treadmill.

He’s designed a happiness diet which proposes that if you get happy first, then you’ll lose weight.

Dr Sharp says positive emotions lead to improved performance, better coping skills and resilence.

“What this means for weight loss is that positive emotions are not just nice, they can reprogram the automatic negative food messages your brain gives your body about food,” he says.

In other words, he says when chocolate biscuits say ‘eat me’ you can talk right back to them.

Dr Sharp has developed a happiness diet coaching program where participants are taught to overcome negative thoughts about food, to build hope and optimism. He helps people to set a positive vision for the future.

It’s a fascinating approach to happiness and physical health and I urge you to take a look at his website.

In my book Roadtesting Happiness, I designed a happiness food plan for people to follow. It includes lots of health-giving fruits and vegetables, dark chocolate, omega 3 fats and a glass of red wine each night.

Your physical and mental health are linked, and it’s very hard to feel happy if you are not filling your body with good food.

Live your best life. Focus on your strengths and appreciate the body that you have been given. ( It’s the only one you’ve got! )

Let me know about your struggles with weight and how happiness and weight are linked.

Be happy,


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